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*does a little dance*   
01:05am 28/03/2005
I am to be married to Achilles! Achilles and I are to be husband and wife. Achilles and I are to be wed. It sounds so wonderful!

I want to dance and leap and fly right now! I didn't think people actually felt this way...this flighty feeling that I've overheard the serving girls describing to each other. All I can do is smile and think of Achilles putting his strong arms around me, of Achilles taking my face into his huge palms and gently kissing my lips. I wonder how it feels to be kissed on the lips, how it tastes.

I wonder how it it will feel when I am his at last, lying beneath his shadow for the first time...

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*Skips back to her room*   
09:15am 09/09/2004
  I'm so happy! Mom said that she's been negotiating with Peleus for me to marry Achilles!

Oh, I would be so happy!

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Home, home again!   
08:47am 20/07/2004
  Well, I'm home again. Mom immediately picked up on my elation as per Achilles. A break from the usual, she actually seemed to approve!

Now I'm in my chambers, washing off the horse smell. *looks in the mirror at self*
Wow, I'm actually starting to look like a woman.
I'll be married soon!

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07:41am 17/06/2004
  Aaaagh, I'm so bored!

Daddy and Achilles are being arrogant grouches, so all they do is sit in the corner and snarl.

And Penelope is off being sick all the time!

Bacchus, give us a hand here!

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Argh. I hate men.   
11:06am 06/05/2004
mood: annoyed
This council hasn't begun, and things are already exciting. Daddy bickered with Uncle Menelaus. While they were arguing about something or other, I went down to the shore to greet the other kings, princes etc.

I met Achilles.

I like him very much. Conversing over a cup of mixed wine, I was surprised to find that he's only a year old than me. He's already so sure of himself (perhaps sometimes a little too sure). He really is a demigod, and he certainly looks it. I think I did a decent job of paying attention to his FACE and not those very, very sculpted arms that could certainly keep a woman comfortable were she wrapped in them....

Where was I?

Oh yes, pride. Daddy expelled me to my quarters, asking the lady Penelope to escort me there. Naturally, we went to hide in the bushes so we could listen in on whatever new thing Daddy was ranting about. An argument about Achilles spending time with me...something about how young unmarried men shouldn't be 'dallying' with young unmarried women (despite the fact that Daddy could see us the entire time). Daddy suggested something about Achilles's friend Patroclus being a bit effeminate and, well...I missed most of the rest of the conversation. Things then spiraled into Daddy and Achilles getting into the whole PRIDE thing again.

They were about to duel, when I ran in between the two of them and told them to stop. I don't think I've ever SEEN Daddy so ANGRY at me!

So now I'm in my quarters, laughing how silly men can be when it comes to their egos.

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Off to the Pan-Hellenic Council   
01:01pm 28/03/2004
  We're currently riding off to the Pan-Hellenic council. Daddy is eating some salt pork that he found lying around, and I'm afraid that he'll make himself sick.

As for me, I'm looking quite lovely, thanks to Mom's ladies.

I must look my best for Achilles, and everyone else!

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